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The ongoing pandemic has delayed our

move to new and improved kitchen facilities.  As a result, we have

run out of inventory of Rensauce.  Rensauce is prepared in small batches to ensure 

freshness.  Our commitment to giving you the best product possible

means we don't make a ton of it and leave it sitting around for months in storage.

We will be back in production as soon as possible.

Thank you!  


...  meals without going outside.  Order Rensauce today via our website.  Add flavor and excitement to your summer meals without putting up with the triple digit temperatures!

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A Twist to a Classic Sandwich: Roast Beef with Cheese, Lettuce, and Tomato!

Everything good about a roast beef sandwich can be a lot better with a little Rensauce kick! Add a nice touch of Rensauce to enrich the flavors of every bite and turn a good roast beef sandwich into an unforgettable experience!


Feel free to email an idea, suggestion or question about how to use Rensauce directly to and he will answer you personally!  Each batch of Rensauce is cook by hand, using only the finest ingredients and has NO preservatives.  Chef Ren wants you to get the most out of his delicious sauce and would be happy to give you his own suggestions on how to use it.  Email today!

Pork and Rensauce: The Perfect Food Combo!

Enjoy a perfectly grilled pork chop with a nice dollop of Rensauce.  The gentle flavor of pork is a great place to explore the complex balance of flavor and spiciness of Rensauce.  Applying your Rensauce to the still warm meat will release the delicious aroma...tempting your nose and setting your mouth up for excitement! 

RenSauce & Pork Chop 

A Chinatown favorite...Spicy Salty Pork Chops featuring Rensauce.

Rensauce was used to make this popular dish in place of red pepper flakes.  Not only does Rensauce supply the heat, it also adds multiple layers of flavors to liven up this old dish.  Try it yourself!

Chinese Spicy Salty Pork Chops featuring RenSauce

Liven Up Your Breakfast!

Pop a little Rensauce into your morning start me up to jump start your day.


Rensauce: Spice Up Your Breakfast

Rensauce Baby Back Ribs 

Dry rubbed with a simple mixture of salt, pepper & paprika.  Cooked sous vide for 18 hours.  Coated with Rensauce and finished in the broiler.  Yum!


Back Back Ribs featuring Ren Sauce.


Thank You, John Morton!  We're happy that you're happy!



Add flavor with a touch of fire to Pork & Ginger Udon Noodle Soup.  Drop a teaspoon (or tablespoon) of Rensauce or Rensauce XO into your soup bowl.  Your mild broth will turn into a tongue tantalizing delight.  Order Rensauce online today! 

Challenge Your Cheeseburger

How do you like to use RenSauce Hot Sauce? Have you tried topping a cheeseburger with it?  Turn the mundane into maginificent with Rensauce or Rensauce XO!


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